Most compaFive scissor liftsnies don’t own their own service and construction equipment.

At Weco Inc., we’ve invested in our own dedicated equipment to better serve our customers.

Owning our equipment means we can respond faster because we don’t have to wait for equipment rental companies to deliver to the job site, and also there’s less waiting for equipment to be serviced.

Our equipment includes five Skyjack scissor lifts, a bulldozer, a tractor, and an excavator.  A bulldozer, tractor, and excavator.We also own six forklifts (not pictured).

Just Ask
For automotive lift installation, asset recovery, replacement, and repair, you can count on Weco — the company that cares enough about your equipment to invest in our own service and construction equipment.

For prompt, professional service call 866-724-Weco (866-724-9326) or fire off an email. We’re ready to help.