At Weco Inc. we know automotive lifts are like parachutes. Every lift has to work every time. Lift safety isn’t optional and it can’t wait!

OSHA Training LectureIt Starts at the Factory
The left hand of safety is the factory. That’s why Weco is proud to recommend and sell lifts made in America and certified by the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI).

But It’s Up to You in the End
The right hand of safety is you, the lift user. Whether you own an automotive shop, supervise one, or work in one, you need lift safety training. Weco can help there, too.

Trained to Train
Our staff is trained to train, with OSHA Certified Trainers on staff. Plus Weco has been factory trained on all the lifts it sells!

Inspection and Training
Weco Inspectors do it all. We can inspect your shop and service bays for OSHA compliance, but we can also inspect your lifts for ALI compliance. In both cases, you’ll get the reports and documents you need to keep on file. Our Inspectors can also train your service technicians to operate, inspect and maintain all the lifts in your shop. Better than that, we offer 10 and 30-hour OSHA courses to teach your supervisors to train on all aspects of safety.

Just Ask
In the end, lift safety is up to you. If you need help with lift selection, inspection or training, ask Weco. Call us at 866-724-Weco (866-724-9326) or fire off an email. We’re ready to help.