Factory Authorized
Weco Inc. is factory authorized to repair automotive lifts of all kinds. To earn this important credential, our employees travel to the factories that make the lifts. There they study and train, and when they complete the courses, earn their certificates in lift repair. From the masters.

Weco is one of the few companies in America that holds certificates from every major lift manufacturer!


Containment Replacement of In-Ground Lifts
Weco is also one of the few that provides containment replacement of in-ground lifts — a service other companies shy away from. We have the equipment on-hand and the experts on-staff to perform this task as needed.

Huge Parts Inventory
At Weco, we maintain a huge inventory of repair parts. That lets us respond quickly when you need a part.

And when we send a repair truck to your facility, it’s crammed full of parts. With Weco on the job, special orders are a rarity! Our goal is to keep your lift working rather than waiting for a delivery.

Just Ask
Got a lift on the fritz? Contact Us for a quick, qualified repair and inspection.